Chủ Nhật, 14 tháng 10, 2018

Who am i: Introduce Thanh Phong Calligraphy Blog

Introduce Thanh Phong Calligraphy Blog

Today i write this post to show you all information about me.
I taked part in a Vietnamese Calligraphy in 2015, for now It's 03 years since the first time i touch a brush.
I make this website because I want to introduce to you all my product and share all my knowledge about Vietnamese Calligraphy. I hope that i can bring the Vietnamese Calligraphy to the world.

Hello guy, my name is Thanh Phong, my real name is Bui Khac Sang

In my language, "Thanh Phong" means a pretty wind, a cool wind. I take this name because i want all my customer can remenber me like somethings good. When the social is very busy now, with so many hot problem, i hope my product can make you feel tronger and better more than while you see it.

I know when I have code this website, there are so many people had write Calligraphy in the world. I hope that my post will make us come to closer. Together, we can make the Calligraphy better.

I just can't things more than now, so hope you have a great time in my blog.

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